[ENG] Agnete: "There is a 14 year old story behind the song…" [INTERVIEW]

2484096Agnete Johnsen is 22-years old singer from Norway, who’s best known for being the lead singer of the Norwegian punk band The BlackSheeps.  She is also a winner of norwegian edition of Dancing with the Stars. For the first time we could see her in Melodi Grand Prix in 2011, when she was a part of band. Thanks to song “Dance Tonight” they finished second – unfortunately, they later split up the same year.

In 2013, she was a part of MGP again, but she performed as a break number. Finally, in 2016 she won norwegian preselections and received ticket to Stockholm, where she is going to represent her motherland with song called “Icebreaker”. What is it about? What does she think about her winning in Melodi Grand Prix and how she’s getting ready to Eurovision? Enjoy reading!


R.J: Hello Agnete! How are you doing?
Agnete: I´m doing good, thanks for asking. The winter is soon over and the sun is spending more time on the sky, it is hard to complain!

R.J: How are the preparations for your Eurovision performance?
Agnete: You’ll be in shock! I´m just relaxing and spending time with my family and friends. I am also recovering from sickness, which I hope will soon go over.

R.J: Can you tell us a little bit about what is going to happen on stage? Just a little? 🙂
Agnete: Actually I´m not sure what will happen on stage. The show producers are deciding this 100%. I trust them to make a great show 🙂

R.J: During the Melodi Grand Prix voting you won televoting in every part of Norway. Finally you won the whole MGP with with huge advantage! What kind of feeling is it when you know, that the whole country supports you in your journey?
Agnete: I am extremely grateful and thankful for all the support and love from the norwegian televoters and crowd. I am very proud to have this opportunity that is also a dream come true!

R.J: Tell us something about your song, “Icebreaker”. What it is about?
Agnete: The song is about being there for someone who is struggling. We wrote Icebreaker with my best friend in mind, you can say there is a 14 year old story behind the song. To me, Icebreaker is one of the most honest and most personal thing I´ve ever written, dedicated to my friend and our long lasting friendship. It was written at a time in my friend´s life when she needed my support. It is my way showing her I will always be there for her, just as she has always been there for me. I think this is something everyone can relate to.

R.J: There are some rumours, that you’re going to visit Poland soon! Is that true? If yes – in which city we will meet you?
Agnete: Unfortunately I had to cancel my tour because of illness, I am very sorry about that!

R.J: Do you have your favourite eurovision songs?
Agnete: Of course yes! It has to be Sertab Erener-Everyway That I Can from Turkey in 2003.

R.J: What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you?
Agnete: I will get back to the studio and hopefully record my next single that will be release later this year.

R.J: You’re performing in second semi-final – together with Poland. Do you know song which will represent our baltic country?
Agnete: Michał Szpak – “Color of Your Life” – I have heard the song, it is beautiful and I look forward to meet Michał

R.J: Thank you so much for interview! We want to wish you a lot of “douze points” and all the best! 🙂
Agnete: Thank you for wanting to interview me 🙂

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