[ENG] Interview with Jamie-Lee Kriewitz!

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz will be representing Germany in Eurovision 2016! How her road to ESC was looking like? What’s her biggest passion?

How has it happened, that you took part in a German National Final? What were you feeling when you won?  That’s one of your dreams?

After I had won The Voice of Germany, the next morning my re164f6411b22a06b8963e235e759f8e18cord label asked if I wanted to take part in the national selection and I said yes right away. It felt amazing of course, I still can’t believe that half a million people voted for me.

While you were making “Ghost”,  you thought that it would be song,  which will be representing your own country at Eurovision?

„Ghost“ was my finale song in The Voice of Germany so it was a natural choice for the national selection.

How do you treat Eurovision?  Just a point in your career,  chance to show Germany at international stage or just having fun? 

Eurovision will be a great opportunity for me. It’s always been my dream to be known through my music and through Eurovision so many people will hear my song!

Is your stage design ready?  Can you tell us the secret about how it all will be looking like?

I will keep the general look of my performance which I gave in the national selection but of course I am thinking about how to enhance the whole performance, so you can be looking forward to that.

Are you afraid of your “opponents” from other countries? Have you heard other songs? Do you like rivalry?

I have listened to the songs only shortly because I would like to go to Stockholm with an open mind. Often the songs differ from the live performances and come out much stronger.

You have won The Voice of Germany,  you are representing Germany at Eurovision,  your song is a radio hit…  And you are only eighteen years old! What next?

I will publish my album and you never know what the future holds, especially after Eurovision!

unnamed (1)We know that you’re big fan of Asian culture. When it has started?  You’re typical otaku girl? Kawaii is your favorite word?  😀

My brother used to watch Animes when I younger, I started getting’ more and more into it. I think I was around 12 maybe?

Why have you fell in love with Japan and Korea?

I like it when people turn their heads on the street. It started with the fashion, I love Dekora Kei. Here in Germany people stare at you when you are dressed like this on the street. I also liked the idea that it’s all about being happy and nice to each other. Of course after a while you also start looking deeper into the culture.

What’s your favorite anime,  manga,  Asian food?

My favourite food is Korean dish bibimbap, prepared vegan. One of my favourite animee characters is Tutoru.

Is there anything that we can wish you? 

Wish me good luck in the final!

What do you want to say to your Polish fans?

I’m looking forward getting to know your candidate. I hope you have a good time with Eurovision and vote for me!

Thank you very for that awesome interview! We wish you good luck and a lot of 12 points in Stockholm!

Thank you so much!

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