[ENG] Interview with IMRI ZIV!

It’s time for next interview done by our redaction INFE Poland! For our questions answered Israel’s representative of this yearIMRI ZIV, which will perform the song I Feel Alive during 2nd semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Kiev. We warmly invite you for interview with vocalist!

Your first thought when I say:

  • Eurovision – dream
  • Rising Star – taking chances
  • Jamala – sings from the heart
  • Israel – home

What is your favourite entry on Eurovision from Israel?

I have to say “Golden Boy” it was my first at Eurovison as backing vocalist but it was also such a refreshing and fun song that got me addicted.

Who is your idol/authority?

Freddy Mercury

What is your goal?

To have a successful musical career and not just in Israel.

Please, describe your song in 3 words.

Me, upbeat, fun

Mention the worst “little sins” of you.

Eating Nutella in the middle of the night.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Eating Nutella in the middle of the night 🙂

What are 3 things that makes you happy?

Nutella, my nephews, when people tell me they believe in me.

Please, mention 3 things that you love the most/3 things that you hate the most.

Love: singing, the beach and snowboarding

Hate: Liver (the food). arrogant people and finding parking in Tela Aviv

Do you know any Polish artist/song/do you have any favourites?

I don’t know any besides last year contestant Michał Szpak with “Color Of Your Life” and the one before Monika Kuszyńska with “In The Name Of Love”.

What do you want to say to fans of you and Eurovision in Poland?

I feel that Eurovision competition is all about celebrating diversity and culture through music. I hope to dance together with all my Polish brothers and sisters.

Meantime we invite you to fall behind in our interviews and each previous one. Our challenge has been taken by:

(photo source: Ronen Akerman)

Jestem Timur. Cóż za niespotykane imię ;) Mam 17 lat, mieszkam w Gdańsku. Eurowizją interesuję się od 2014/2015 roku (żałuję, że nie dłużej). Moje ulubione piosenki z Konkursu to m.in. "1944", "LoveWave", "Weil's da guat got", "Suus", "Midninght Gold", "Flashlight", ''Bones'', "Skeletons", czy "Undo". Oprócz Eurowizji interesuję się geografią, kulturą i zwyczajami poszczególnych państw. Zagłębiam też tajemnice Islandii, gdzie chciałbym w przyszłości zamieszkać. W redakcji INFE POLAND jestem od grudnia 2016 roku i nie zamierzam zbyt prędko się z nią żegnać.

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