[ENG] Interview with Markus Riva!

Markus Riva is veteran of Latvian preselection to Eurovision – Supernova. Also this year he tries to perform at Eurovison stage in Kiev with his song Dynamite. Redaction INFE Poland decided to ask him few questions, so that Polish fans can bring closer his characteristic. We would like to invite you!

Your first thought when I say:
  • Eurovision – Big, positive show!
  • “Supernova” – Riga
  • Jamala – Jazz
  • Latvia – Favourite country in the world

Who’s your favourite to win “Supernova”? (excluding you :))

Actually I have not listen to all of the songs yet and I don’t do that until the live shows to concentrate on my performance. Because too much thoughts in your head doesn’t help you at all.

What is your favourite Latvian entry on Eurovision?

My fav entries are “FLY” from 2003 (because of my good friend and my first producer Yana Kay who was part of the group) and Aminata from 2015 (because of first “Supernova” season and she is a good friend too).

Who is your idol/authority?

I respect all people, I don’t have much idols or maybe I just have too much of them. I take inspiration from positive and energetic people. It is important for me to have positive energy.

Please, describe your song in 3 words.

Pressure, love, dynamite

Mention the worst „little sins” of you.

I have addiction for peanut butter.

What is your phobias?

I am afraid of war. Maybe it is call war-phobia? I am afraid of what is happening in the world right now.

What is first thing you do when you wake up/things you do before sleep?

When I wake up I start it with Nespresso coffee and meditation, but before sleep I listen to a lot of music and drink tea to have a healthy sleep when I can generate lot of ideas in my dreams.

Please, name three things you love the most/three things you hate the most.

I love music, I love peanut butter and I love to create future. I hate when people hate, I hate the word “hate”, and I hate when people are fake.

Do you know any Polish artist/song/do you have any favourites?

My favourite is Margaret, I saw some of her music videos, they are pretty cool.

What do you want to say to fans of you and Eurovision in Poland?

Stay positive and love each other! And visit Riga and listen to my song “Dynamite” on Spotify 🙂

(photos sources: tumblr.com; pre-party.com.ua)

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AuthorTimur Wesołowski

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