“Me from Poland and Margaret from Sweden? That would be something!” Interview with Lukas Meijer- Krajowe Eliminacje 2018 participant

We want you  intvite to read our short intervview with Lukas Meijer who applied to Krajowe Eliminacje 2018 with Gromee. Their song is Light Me Up.

Bartłomiej Chodyna: Who is Lukas?

Lukas Meijer: I’m was borned in a small town in Sweden. Ice-hockey took the biggest time of my life when I was younger but my interest for music slowly took over. When we started our band No Sleep For Lucy, I felt that music really was a the biggest part of my life and from then I worked with a lot of awesome and talented persons in the industry.

Why did you choose  music?

I do not really know you could say that I ”chose” the music. Music has always been an important part of my life. I have sung since I was very small and the music has just been there with me. Music has always been very close and obvious for me. It feels very natural.

Could you tell us about your music experience?

Most of my musical life is characterized by my band No Sleep For Lucy. Here I’ve has developed my style of singing and the way I write melodies and lyrics. With my band No Sleep For Lucy, I had the honor to work with a lot of talented people in the music industry. Stevie Aeillo (30 Seconds To Mars), Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires) and Grammy nominee Mark Holman (Daughtry, Three Days Grace etc.) are just some of the names me and my band worked with over the years.

Tell us about your music inspirations (music, artists, songs, other sources of influece)

My favorite band is 30 Seconds To Mars. Love their sound and songs. Things that are happening around me are obviously influencing when I’m write music also.

Your life doesn’t exist without…?

Oh, I have a lot of things haha. But I have to say food (well I know you need food to survive but I just love to visit new restaurants). Food is a big passion in my life 🙂

What is the most important thing in your life?

Friends and family.

Tell us the true- do you like Poland?  

I love Poland and I have experienced many nice memories in Poland. I think everyone should visit Poland. A country with a lot of history and beautiful citys where there’s a lot to find. I try to go there as often as I can. I have previously been to Krakow, Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia but now it’s the first time I’ll visiting Warszawa.

Imagine: You’ve just found a golden fish, but it can oly realise only your one wish. What is it?

Stop all this hate I see in this world. I’m just sick of it.

What is the biggest dream of yours?

I want to go around the world and play my music. I want to tell my stories through melody, lyrics and how I express myself in the music scene. I want to do this by playing with my band, No Sleep For Lucy, but also collaborate with various artists like I’ve done with Gromee. It really enriches my life and I meet so many amazing people.

Can you tell us about your hobbies?

My biggest hobby besides the music is photography. I love to photograph people and catch a moment with them. I also like being out in nature. I get a lot of inspiration in the nature.

Tell us about beginning of your colaboration with Gromee? Has he found you or have you found him?

It all started when Mahan Moin introduces me to Gromee. They asked me if I was up for writing a song and sing on the track and I thought it sounded fun and interesting. Then Me, Gromee, Mahan Moin, Sara Chmiel and Christian Rabb wroteWithout You” and it turned out really good.

Could you tell us the background of your apply to Krajowe Eliminacje 2018? Who has wanted to participate more? You or Gromee? 

Everything started after “Without You” was released. Many began to comment that Gromee has to sign up for the competition. Even I received lots of mail sent to me to persuade Gromee to sign up. We thought it would be a fun challenge and now we are here. I hope Poland likes our contribution ”Light Me Up” and that we get the chance to represent the country in Eurovision. That would be awesome!

Can you tell us the story of Light me Up?

It’s a song with a lot of emotions from a difficult time but which also shows the willingness to move on. It starts quite intimately but then opens up and turns into a big production that you just want to move to. I hope a lot of people like it and can connect with it.

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest?

Yes, I always try to see the big finals. Here in Sweden the competition is divided into several subfinals. Then I do not usually see everyone but I have a relatively good idea of what contributions are taking part. Eurovision is a very big here in Sweden.

Can you imagine that you as Swedish will represent Poland, and Margraret as Polish, will represent Sweden. What will you feel in this situation?

Haha, that would be something. Music has become so universal, so although it sounds like a rather weird thing, that’s the way the music industry looks. It’s easy to collaborate with people all over the world through all technology and I see it as something positive.

Have you heard the rest of your music opponents in Krajowe Eliminacje?

I’ve heard some of them but I do not know if it’s possible to listen to everyone yet ?! It’s a little hard for me to understand Polish but I’m trying to translate as much as I can with my computer haha. I think I miss a lot of things because of that, but what I listened to, I hear that there is great competition this year’s Krajowe Eliminacje.

Have you ever thought about participation in Melodifestivalen?

I have probably not thought about it so much earlier, but if it were possible, it would have been a fun challenge.

Do you want to say something for Polish fans?

Thanks for all the support. You are so amazing. It’s absolutely amazing what kind of welcome I and our songs have received. I look forward to meeting you all!

About Bartłomiej Chodyna

Z wykształcenia europeista, tytuł; zdobyty na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim. Fan Eurowizji od 2003 roku. Do moich ulubionych państw należą Turcja, Armenia, Izrael, Hiszpania, Bułgaria, Islandia. Moją ulubioną artystką eurowizyjną jest Lena. Prywatnie lubię uczyć się języka hiszpańskiego.


Z wykształcenia europeista, tytuł; zdobyty na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim. Fan Eurowizji od 2003 roku. Do moich ulubionych państw należą Turcja, Armenia, Izrael, Hiszpania, Bułgaria, Islandia. Moją ulubioną artystką eurowizyjną jest Lena. Prywatnie lubię uczyć się języka hiszpańskiego.

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