“From age 11 I practically played a show every weekend” – interview with CESÁR SAMPSON!

In expectation of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, we are inviting to the next interview implemented by our team INFE Poland! For our questions answered Austrian representative of this year – Cesár Sampson, which will perform the song Nobody But You during the 1st semi-final of the 63. Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. We warmly invite you to the interview with vocalist!

Timur (INFE Poland): You were the backing vocalist who joined Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria. How was your cooperation with Bulgarian team started?

Cesár Sampson: Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman and I started Symphonix International (that’s what we call ourselves as a production team) on a songwriting camp in Sofia Bulgaria since then we’ve always had a connection with Bulgaria.

Timur (INFE Poland): Do you feel an advantage over other participants because of your experience with Eurovision?

Cesár Sampson: I feel an advantage over myself, had I not had all this experience. I try not to compare myself to other people. I try to make sure that my future self-has an advantage over my current self.

Timur (INFE Poland): Have you got any passion besides music?

Cesár Sampson: I am a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, also I have a professional background in pedagogy. I am passionate about health and about being a positive influence in my community.

Timur (INFE Poland): As you said, you are a personal trainer. How did your passion for sport begin? Did anyone had to persuade you?

Cesár Sampson: Just as much as the path of music was laid before me by my mother (a concert pianist, composer, and singer), the path of physical exercise and movement was laid before me by my father (a dancer, choreographer, pilates master teacher). There was no escaping, I see 🙂

Timur (INFE Poland): Did you hear chosen songs to Eurovision 2018? Do you have any favorites?

Cesár Sampson: I heard some, but not nearly all of them. My favorite so far, unfortunately, didn’t make it through the German national selection – they had a strong year!

Timur (INFE Poland): At the age of seventeen, you started touring the world as the lead singer for Austria’s acclaimed music acts. Did you feel big responsibility? Did you bring it together with your school?

Cesár Sampson: I started performing quite early when I was still a child, so I have a very natural relationship with stages, touring and performing. From age 11 I practically played a show every weekend. I would love to say that my school responsibilities did not suffer, but that would be a big big lie hahaha.

Timur (INFE Poland): You wrote Louie Austen’s latest album “What a Comeback!“, which mixed electronic and dance music. I saw that he is so popular artist in Austria and USA, so how do you feel about that?

Cesár Sampson: Louie and me first met when I was just 17, so it was really nice working together so many years later. It was – as always with him – a ton of fun, but also hard work, as he isn’t so easily pleased 🙂

Timur (INFE Poland): What is the message behind your Eurovision entry “Nobody But You“?

Cesár Sampson: It would be fair to say it describes an inner journey towards a moment of fulfillment, be it the moment of unity with a higher force, the moment of fulfillment as an artist who waited a long time to go out into the limelight, or the joining with your soulmate. Or it is just a cool song without any meaning or purpose whatsoever – you choose! 😉

Timur (INFE Poland): Have you had the idea of your performance in Lisbon yet?

Cesár Sampson: More than just an idea 😉


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Jestem Timur. Cóż za niespotykane imię ;) Mam 17 lat, mieszkam w Gdańsku. Eurowizją interesuję się od 2014/2015 roku (żałuję, że nie dłużej). Moje ulubione piosenki z Konkursu to m.in. "1944", "LoveWave", "Weil's da guat got", "Suus", "Midninght Gold", "Flashlight", ''Bones'', "Skeletons", czy "Undo". Oprócz Eurowizji interesuję się geografią, kulturą i zwyczajami poszczególnych państw. Zagłębiam też tajemnice Islandii, gdzie chciałbym w przyszłości zamieszkać. W redakcji INFE POLAND jestem od grudnia 2016 roku i nie zamierzam zbyt prędko się z nią żegnać.

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