“Iceland is paradise on earth” – interview with ARI ÓLAFSSON!

In expectation of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, we are inviting to the next interview implemented by our team INFE Poland! For our questions answered Icelandic representative of this year – Ari Ólafsson, which will perform the song Our Choice during the 1st semi-final of the 63. Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. We warmly invite you to the interview with the vocalist!

Timur (INFE Poland): You competed in “The Voice of Iceland”, and there was also Svala, whose represented your country last year. You weren’t on her team, but did you have the opportunity to meet and talk to her? Did she give you any pieces of advice after your winning “Söngvakeppnin”?

Ari Ólafsson: No at that time I did not get to talk to her but I met her in Iceland after the final and we spoke and she told me just to enjoy haha.

Timur (INFE Poland): Your uncle is Paul Oscar who represented Iceland in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. Has he already given you any tips?

Ari Ólafsson: Yes, he gave me a very important tip and that was to enjoy every moment of this amazing adventure.

Timur (INFE Poland): Who was your favorite to win “Söngvakeppnin” 2018?

Ari Ólafsson: Can’t decide between all of them.

Timur (INFE Poland): You could stay with the Icelandic version of your song, but you decided to change it for English. What is the reason for this modification?

Ari Ólafsson: Icelandic is a beautiful language but we wanted everyone to understand the message that comes with this song.

Timur (INFE Poland): Have you heard any Eurovision songs from this year? Have you got any favorites?

Ari Ólafsson: Yes, I have listened to all of them and there are many favorites.

Timur (INFE Poland): Have you ever heard something about Poland? Do you know any Polish artists or songs?

Ari Ólafsson: I know something about Poland as a country and I had a very good Polish friend who was my classmate but I know Maanam but just a little.

Timur (INFE Poland): As we know Iceland is one of the most mysterious and charming places in the world. For what do you appreciate your mother country?

Ari Ólafsson: What I love most about Iceland is the air and how pure nature is. It’s paradise on earth.

Timur (INFE Poland): What is your plan for your music career? What do you want to do in the closest future?

Ari Ólafsson: After Eurovision, I am going to study music in The Royal Academy of Music and live in London for some time.

Timur (INFE Poland): Are you afraid of something, before going to Lisbon?

Ari Ólafsson: No haha what is there to be afraid of? I am only excited to come to Lisbon, I might be afraid of flying there that that is one of my biggest all-time fears.


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Jestem Timur. Cóż za niespotykane imię ;) Mam 17 lat, mieszkam w Gdańsku. Eurowizją interesuję się od 2014/2015 roku (żałuję, że nie dłużej). Moje ulubione piosenki z Konkursu to m.in. "1944", "LoveWave", "Weil's da guat got", "Suus", "Midninght Gold", "Flashlight", ''Bones'', "Skeletons", czy "Undo". Oprócz Eurowizji interesuję się geografią, kulturą i zwyczajami poszczególnych państw. Zagłębiam też tajemnice Islandii, gdzie chciałbym w przyszłości zamieszkać. W redakcji INFE POLAND jestem od grudnia 2016 roku i nie zamierzam zbyt prędko się z nią żegnać.

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