”It’s a competition about getting together and spread joy and good music” – interview with BENJAMIN INGROSSO!

In expectation of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, we are inviting to the next interview implemented by our team INFE Poland! For our questions answered Swedish representative of this yearBenjamin Ingrosso, who will perform the song Dance You Off during the 2snd semi-final of the 63. Eurovision Song Contest organized in Lisbon. We warmly invite you to the interview with the vocalist!

Timur (INFE Poland): As a young boy, you acted in musicals and plays. How did everything start? Did someone have to persuade you?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I’ve always liked to be an entertainer. I join my mum on stage for the first time when I was 7 I think – loved it and continued with acting, musicals and similar things. Dubbed movies etc!

Timur (INFE Poland): You have got Italian descent. Can you speak Italian fluently? What are the things that you like the most about Italy?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I can speak and understand Italian. But on a medium level, haha. I love the food, the people, all beautiful places – everything!

Timur (INFE Poland): You won ”Lilla Melodifestivalen” – a junior version of Melfest. Did you have a dream (as a child) about competing in the adult version?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I’ve always had a dream of standing in front of a big audience – and by ESC that came through! I’m so grateful for this opportunity!

Timur (INFE Poland): You were in ”Melodifestivalen” 2017 and 2018. Do you want you to come back to this competition in the future?

Benjamin Ingrosso: Of course! I love Melfest and I’m sure I’ll love Eurovision as well! It’s been an amazing experience so far!

Timur (INFE Poland): Probably you know that Polish singer – Margaret – competed in ”Melodifestivalen” 2018. What do you think about artists who aren’t from Sweden and they take part in your festival? Do you like Margaret’s song ”In My Cabana”?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I don’t mind! It’s a competition about getting together and spread joy and good music. Margaret is great both as a person and her music! Doesn’t matter which country you’re from in my opinion.

Timur (INFE Poland): You won Swedish TV-show ”Let’s Dance” with Sigrid, who also competed in ”Melodifestivalen” 2018. How did you mention that adventure? Was it hard especially at the beginning?

Benjamin Ingrosso: It was a nice experience! Intense with all of the rehearsals every week. I got so thin and trained. Haha. Sigrid is a good friend and it was a great adventure!

Timur (INFE Poland): What are your favourites Swedish entry for Eurovision and why?

Benjamin Ingrosso: Ted Gärdestad – I love him! He’s been an inspiration to me and my music my whole life.

Timur (INFE Poland): Have you already heard chosen songs for Eurovision 2018? Perhaps you heard Polish song ”Light Me Up”?

Benjamin Ingrosso: Yes – I love that song! I’m actually doing so cross-promo with Lukas upcoming days. He’s a bro!

Timur (INFE Poland): What are your passions besides music? How do you like to spend your free time?

Benjamin Ingrosso: Eating good food and hang out with my family and friends! I love all superhero movies as well!

Timur (INFE Poland): Is there anything that you want to change in yourself if you can?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I want to be able to fly! Haha

Timur (INFE Poland): What are the biggest dreams of yours? Dreams connected with your music career and private life.

Benjamin Ingrosso: I want to share my music all over the world and hope that many people like it! I also want to have a big family!

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Jestem Timur. Cóż za niespotykane imię ;) Mam 17 lat, mieszkam w Gdańsku. Eurowizją interesuję się od 2014/2015 roku (żałuję, że nie dłużej). Moje ulubione piosenki z Konkursu to m.in. "1944", "LoveWave", "Weil's da guat got", "Suus", "Midninght Gold", "Flashlight", ''Bones'', "Skeletons", czy "Undo". Oprócz Eurowizji interesuję się geografią, kulturą i zwyczajami poszczególnych państw. Zagłębiam też tajemnice Islandii, gdzie chciałbym w przyszłości zamieszkać. W redakcji INFE POLAND jestem od grudnia 2016 roku i nie zamierzam zbyt prędko się z nią żegnać.

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