“Turn fear into courage and become the leading character in your own story” – interview with LAURA RIZZOTTO!

In expectation of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, we are inviting to the next interview implemented by our team INFE Poland! For our questions answered Austrian representative of this yearLaura Rizzotto, which will perform the song ”Funny Girl during the 2nd semi-final of the 63. Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. We warmly invite you to the interview with the singer!

Timur (INFE Poland): You was born in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro. Your mother was born in Latvia. In 2005 you moved to the United States with your family. How would you compare living in Brazil and United States? Which place is your loved one?

Laura Rizzotto: My father is a citizen of both Latvia and Brazil and my mother is Brazilian, of Portuguese descent. I feel at home in Riga, New York and Rio de Janeiro. I love how those 3 cities are very cosmopolitan and have so much history attached to them. When I walk in the streets of Manhattan and Old Town Riga, it feels like I am in a movie, and Rio de Janeiro is my tropical paradise.

Timur (INFE Poland): Your music career started in 2009 and after two years you released your debut album called ”Made in Rio”. In 2014 you released your second album ”Reason To Stay”. This album mix country and pop music. Who did inspire you to create that album? Are country and pop music close to you?

Laura Rizzotto: I like to experiment with different music styles. This is the reason why I decided to release my third project, ”Precious Stones”, in a series of 3 EPs, each one named after a precious gem and showcasing a different side of my musicianship.The first EP, ”Ruby”, was launched in 2017 has a pop vibe. The upcoming EP, ”Amber”, has a soul/bluesy sound, and the entry ”Funny Girl” is part of it. I also enjoy jazz and I am performing in 2 Brazilian jazz concerts in Latvia this Spring, at VEF Culture Palace, in Riga and Mezotone Palace, in Bauska.

Timur (INFE Poland): In 2012 you performed as the opening act for Demi Lovato concert. How did you feel about that situation? Had you got any chance to meet and have a talk?

Laura Rizzotto: Yes, Demi and I had a chance to meet in backstage. She is very charismatic and such a great performer. It was a wonderful experience and the very first time I got to perform in the ”big league”, in front of an audience of more than 7 thousand people.

Timur (INFE Poland): You are so lucky to go to Portugal because you are Portuguese native speaker so you can use it in some ways. What is excited is the fact that you worked as the Portuguese language coach for Jennifer Lopez. How did you mention it? Of course, Jennifer is a global music-star, so did she behave like a diva? How would you rate your cooperation? Did she make her homework 😁?

Laura Rizzotto: I am a professional musician and make a living in New York working as a performer, songwriter, composer and also as vocal coach. I worked with Jennifer as her Portuguese vocal coach, in a couple of collaborations she had with Brazilian artists. She is extremely talented, a joy to work with and even more beautiful in person. I actually learned a lot from coaching her, watching the way Jennifer carries herself and how confident and professional she is.

Timur (INFE Poland): You also have got some songs in Portuguese. In which language is it better to sing and express emotions?

Laura Rizzotto: I learned how to express myself musically in English first since my firsts songs were written when I was living in the United States and learning the language. So English feels more natural to me when it comes to writing music because I am more used to it. I love singing in Portuguese as well, though. It’s a beautiful language.

Timur (INFE Poland): Why did you submit your song to ”Supernova”? Who did come up with this idea?

Laura Rizzotto: It was an unexpected turn of events! My family and I made plans to visit Latvia in 2018, for the centennial celebrations, the Song and Dance Festival and to visit my 2 cousins who have moved from Rio de Janeiro to Riga. While doing research for our trip, I came across a piece of news about “Supernova” and decided to submit my latest original tune ”Funny Girl”. I am delighted that the song was chosen to represent Latvia in Eurovision, especially this year when we celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Timur (INFE Poland): What is the message behind your Eurovision entry “Funny Girl“? Do your team have got any idea of your performances in Lisbon?

Laura Rizzotto: The song ”Funny Girl” tells the story of a girl who falls in love with her best friend. She always makes him laugh and her feelings are her best-kept secret until she decides to open up. Unfortunately, it was too late: he had already fallen for someone else. To him, she became only a friend, just a “funny girl”. I hope the song ”Funny Girl” inspires people to be brave and embrace vulnerability. Sometimes we let fear of rejection stop us from expressing ourselves and end up watching life happen from the sidelines. Taking risks is part of the art of living an accomplished life. So, be bold! Turn fear into courage and become the leading character in your own story. My team and I have been working on adapting my ”Supernova” performance for the Lisbon stage. My main focus will be on the song and connect with the audience in a special way. I am looking forward to performing on the big Eurovision stage. It is a dream come true.

Timur (INFE Poland): Who was your favourite to win ”Supernova” 2018? What do you think about the level of the songs?

Laura Rizzotto: Actually, I did not have just one favourite. I was very impressed with the high level of the music production of many of the ”Supernova” songs.

Timur (INFE Poland): Are you interested in Eurovision? What’s your favourite Latvian entry?

Laura Rizzotto: Yes, I am a big Eurovision fan and love discovering the new acts that come up every year. I really enjoy Aminata’s “Love Injected”, the Latvian entry in 2015.

Timur (INFE Poland): Did you hear chosen songs to Eurovision 2018? Do you have any favourites?

Laura Rizzotto: Yes, I have listened to most of the selected entries and really appreciate how much diversity we have in Eurovision this year, which is fantastic! Each country brings something original and very unique to the show.I know I am partial, but I believe ”Funny Girl” is a great song and hope it does well in Lisbon, especially this year when we celebrate the state of Latvia’s centennial.

Timur (INFE Poland): Do you know something about Poland or perhaps Polish music? Maybe you know any Polish artists?

Laura Rizzotto: I studied Chopin when I was in music school and he is one of my favourite composers in History. I have never had the chance to get acquainted with Polish pop music, however, I would love to do so, and I dream of visiting Poland one day.

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Jestem Timur. Cóż za niespotykane imię ;) Mam 17 lat, mieszkam w Gdańsku. Eurowizją interesuję się od 2014/2015 roku (żałuję, że nie dłużej). Moje ulubione piosenki z Konkursu to m.in. "1944", "LoveWave", "Weil's da guat got", "Suus", "Midninght Gold", "Flashlight", ''Bones'', "Skeletons", czy "Undo". Oprócz Eurowizji interesuję się geografią, kulturą i zwyczajami poszczególnych państw. Zagłębiam też tajemnice Islandii, gdzie chciałbym w przyszłości zamieszkać. W redakcji INFE POLAND jestem od grudnia 2016 roku i nie zamierzam zbyt prędko się z nią żegnać.

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